Can a sports psychologist help me improve my poker game?
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I'm looking for a sport psychologist in New York City. Does anyone have any experience with this?

I play poker, I'd call myself semi-pro, as I have a full time job with benifits for security, while I make about 60% of my income from poker playing about 30 hours per week.

Specifically I'd like to work on eliminating negative thoughts, visualizing success, and learning how to stay relaxed pressure situations.
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Possibly, though I would also recommend looking around at the myriad sites on Trading (investment) psychology. One I particularly recommend is Innerworth. They have plenty of articles about just the subjects that you mention, and they have a well written daily newsletter that never fails to provide some insight.
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I have no reccommendations but Renee Fleming referrs to going to one in her book. She has a great description of what it did for her. From experience I know that the people she has referred to are accessible in nyc (I was sent to her ENT. Even though that's totally not useful unless you want to call her ENT and ask who her sports shrink is which they can't say since b/c of HIPA they can't even talk about their other patients.) You can search for shrinks for performers as well.

However AskMe is really the best place for this. Have you searched the archives for people in NYC reccommending their shrinks? That's how I found mine. I have a great shrink that I can recommend if you email me. You could ask him if he has recommendations for sports specialists.
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