how can i get 170hp out of a d15b2
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i wanna pull 170hp out of my 1991 civic dx (d15b2) without using turbo, supercharger, or nitro... what all would be involved. i'm looking for a game plan really... so be detailed, and tell me how you'd do it and in what order.... i'm currently researching mini me swap, and mpfi swaps
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Is this a joke? Swap in a B18C. You're not going to get 170 naturally aspirated horses out of the 1.5.
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You're out of your mind.

The D15B2 is rated at 92hp. That's almost double the power output, which is completely unreal. Mini-Me and MPFI swaps won't get you anywhere near a 100% increase in power. Even with a turbo you're still nuts.

Mini-me would make the car more fun... but at that point, you might as well buy a new car already with VTEC.
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Save up and buy yourself a new Civic Si. 200 hp. No silly after-market nonsense needed.
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The B18C is the right engine for the job, and from what I hear it's a pretty common swap. The end result can indeed be a very light, quick, fun little car for fairly cheap.

But this is the wrong place to be asking that question -- esp if you're looking for detailed info, haha Find yourself a Civic hybrid forum and start over.
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You ARE out of your mind.

But you really want to know?
You need to get the revs up, up, up to make this kind of power from that motor NA. I think 10,000 or so ought to do it.
Here are your ingredients:

Tubular intake, velocity stack type in a box plenum (see 1980s BMW m3 for the general idea) $1500
de-catted exhaust, fairly large. (3") $800
Custom-made de-stroked crankshaft, balanced to over 10,000rpm. $5000? More?
hi-compression pistons- 14:1 oughtta do. I like Mahle. $1200
Titanium conrods- talk to Pauter. $4000+
aftermarket engine management, such as Motec. $2000+
Dyno time: $1000+
... and we're just getting started. Discouraged yet?

You'll have to run leaded race gas ALL THE TIME. You will never pass emissions ever again.
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Personally, I'd turbo the little sucker. No intercooler, bigger injectors, Apex'i S-AFC or similar, turbo timer... you could do it for under $1k if you knew what you were doing. You might come up shy of 170, but you'll be a lot closer than you are now!
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Think you could shoehorn the RA806E in there?
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I know we all get stuck on certain cars... but if want power, buy a damn sports car. if you want an economy car, buy a front-wheel drive civic. it's that simple, really.

Ever gotten behind the wheel of a properly run gen-II RX-7 turbo? perfect weight ratio, dreamlike handling, and enough power to keep pace with 'vettes all why weighing about as much as your little civic.

I'll fade away now with those nostalgic smells of an old race car and satisfying "psssssst" of a RFL blowoff valve...
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From Best of Craigslist
So Im a car enthusiast, and part time auto mechjanic who helps the neighbors out with thier cars. Hey, ive got a little knowledge, been doing this for a few years, and Ive got a great set of tools. I have a rather fast and rare early 70s hobby car that i take out on weekends, an oldsmobile 442.

So anyway. My neighbors kid turns 17, and the mother gives him her honda civic.
Say it out loud now with me. Honda civic.

Plastic and aluminum, 75 horsepower, basic commuter car, honda civic.

"perfect for a new driver, economical, easy to maintain and dependable a good basic car for junior," i thought to myself.

The first week was fine, he bought spinning hubcaps and a set of dragon seat covers for it. That should have been it. He should have left it alone.


As I stated previously, I have experience with fast cars. He knows that I can make a car go fast. He comes over with a copy of "honda tuuner guy" magazine, filled with equally retarded looking cars.
He asks me: "Yo dawg, i wanna make dis here b18 goes fast and shit. I was thinkin of an acura V-tec swap or some NOSS"
So i asked him, what exactly do you intend to do with this car? Will you be entering it in the most retarded car contest, or what?
He says: "Naaw, cracka. That shit is be is funny and shit, but I is for reals, for reals. I need to be running in the 12s and making 350 horsepower"
So I asked him: Why dont you save your money and buy a car that already makes 350 horsepower, like a camaro or a GTO or something, instead of trying to make a car with 75 horsepower, that was never intended to go that fast any faster?

Short answer: How do you get 170 hp out of a '91 Civic? You sell it and buy a new car.
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Put in a B18C.

Also, ask on Honda-Tech.
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hey SpecialK, get bent!

i see crx's at autocross get better times than a vette, so you can take your BS story and shove it
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