Finding a piece of my childhood
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I'm trying to locate a book I loved as a child. Help! There's...

I read this at about the age of 10 (early 80s). It was in paperback then, and I believe I got it through a book club. I think it might have had a red cover?

It was about a group of kids - in Europe, maybe France? - who were solving a mystery together. The "leader" was a boy, I believe.

I don't remember the story as much as the pictures. The story was set in a city - the parts I remember make me really believe it was European. Each part of the story had an intricate illustration that had clues in it. I remember that one drawing took you into a pond. There was a bicycle and various types of city trash down there.

It's not much to go on, I know, but I'd love to relocate this book and save it for my daughter. Do your magic, Hive Mind!
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For a brief moment, I thought you were looking to locate a 'love child'! It's late, I should get to bed.

A wild guess, could you be looking for 'Emile and the Detectives'? That was set in Berlin.
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Ah, then again it's probably not.
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I'll look for a link when I get home, but it sounds like "chasing vermeer" to me, but I don't think that's very old, so maybe not?
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Alas, no to both. Although both of those look very interesting!
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Emil and the detectives? Takes place in pre-WWII Berlin, also made into a Disney film.

A young man is going into town, has his spending money pinned to his jacket, but while he is sleeping, a man in his train compartment steals the money. He manages to find a gang of street kids who help him track down the thief and give the scoundrel his just desserts.
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Oops, should have read popscassady's comment more carefully!
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... with illustrations of Walter Trier ...
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I was just thinking of Emil and the Detectives the other day (loved it as a kid) and couldn't remember the name. I <3>
Lucyleaf, if you can't find the original, Chasing Vermeer is a great book. Fun, engaging mystery for kids.
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Was it heavily illustrated? Could it have been a, 'Solve Your Own'?
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It was heavily illustrated and very well could have been a Solve Your Own. I believe it had that format like the Choose Your Own Adventure books where you direct the narrative.

I'm searching eBay now for Solve Your Own books...
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