Die, Flash Player 7! DIE!!
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How can I uninstall Flash Player 7?

I can uninstall players 8-9 with the Adobe uninstaller, but I can't find any damn way to blow away 7 (Flash Player 7.0, r19), which has now become my default player for standalone SWFs. I used to be able to right click on a SWF and choose one of several installed players, but my only option now is 7, even though I've deleted and reinstalled version 9 a couple of times.
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Response by poster: (Windows XP sp1 on desktop, XP sp2 on laptop. IE and Firefox installed, but this problem extends to SWFs opened directly in the Flash player.)
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Well, since nobody else has any immediate ideas and you didn't say you tried it...have you tried going into Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, and looking for Macromedia (not Adobe) Flash Player in the list of programs to uninstall? That's where it is on my machine for Flash 8.

If that won't do it, a messy registry edit session would definitely work, but if you're not comfortable hacking away in there, I wouldn't.
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