Can you help me find a good overview of .Net
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Can you recommend a good class in the Los Angeles area or on the web that would bring somebody who has done some programming in the past up to speed on Microsoft's .Net?

I have somebody who has done some programming and recently a lot of ASP types of web work. Now he needs to come up to speed as quickly as possible on .Net since our web pages are moving over to that.

I offered to send him to a class, but he is concerned about finding the right class since sometimes they assume too little knowledge, and sometimes the assume too much.

He's looked at some books and some web pages, but if you have any specific recommendations for good overviews that don't get too bogged down in syntax or general programming concepts that would be very helpful.
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Developmentor has classes in Torrance. I was pretty happy with the class I took there.
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I love the Karl Moore series of .NET books. And W3Schools offers free online tutorials that I've also found helpful.
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