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Looking for a sound clip of something to the effect of: "Please flip the tape over to side B." Anyone know where I can find one?
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You could record it, or use a text-to-speech program to get a slightly robotic-souning recording.
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Go to the library and rent an audio book.
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I'm a decent consumer of audio books, and they don't do anything to indicate when a chapter or side is finished.

The closest thing I can think of comes from the Disney stories on tape I got as a kid -- you were meant to read along with the booke they sent, and there would be the sound of chimes when it was time to turn the page.

That probably doesn't help yuo, but my point is that listening to an audio book isn't going to help you.
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Actually lots of audiobooks aimed at kids DO have this at the end of a side.... I hear it regularly on tapes we get for my son. You probably will have to take out about 10 or so to be sure you find one with it. Don't bother getting the "little kid" picture books that come with tapes - you want the books aimed at 4th grade up - that are just the tapes - no book with it.
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er, they was a Tom Petty album that did this aways back, Full Moon Feaver, or Into the Great Wide Open.
Problem is, of course, I don't think these small tracks made onto Cd/digtal. But If you have friends that have the tapes check it out.
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Less Than Jake's Losing Streak has something similar in the middle of the album. I believe it says "Now turn the record over, and we will continue on the other side" -- sounds like a sample from long ago.
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o2B, it depends on the publisher. Some use sideslates, some don't. BBC Audiobooks use sideslates. I think Harper Collins do too. Some publishers use a simple 'end of disc n', some others tell you to flip the side, press play, relax, go make a bacon sandwich before hand.

It also depends what format you find these audiobooks. Cassette, disc, digital... Abdridged, unabridged...
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You could always hustle over to FreeSound and see if they have anything similar. If not, I think in the forums you can list requests.
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I'd go download some oldies from http://www.kiddierecords.com/ . IIRC, there are stories from 2005 that use the phrase "At the sound of the bell, turn the page." Try "Robin Hood" (the first one from '05). Good luck.
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The Luscious Jackson album ">Natural Ingredients has a short sound clip that says "And now ladies and gentlemen, let's get ready for Side 2."

The track is Intermission.
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ick, sorry about the ugly link, but it appears to work anyway.
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I used to collect old spoken word instruction LPs, and they often (almost always?) have something like this at the end of side 1. Check thrift and used record stores.
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