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Doing Search Engine Optimisation for companies, been recommended IBP but its alittle overpriced for the business licence. Any others like IBP that are equally as good for less?

What IBP does:


Please give me other urls if you can. Looking for a unlimited sites.
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Frankly, the entire field is bullshit, and the software vendors are all scammers.
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Definitely don't buy some 'miracle' SEO tool. Yes, they can be useful to check your rankings etc., but you really don't want to submit to hundreds of 'search engines', and shouldn't trust them to 'optimise' your site.

Unless you're an unscrupulous spammer, find a good web development firm with skills in ethical SEO; chances are they'll be able to suggest improvements to your site, but bear in mind that SEO shouldn't be seen as some kind of bolt-on feature, it needs to be an integral part of how you build, populate and promote a site. You want a site that works well for search engines by also working well for users.
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