Lots of little squared needed.
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Help me find some smallish cheap square tiles in a variety of colors. Please.

These are for craft purposes. You think something like this would be easy to find, but I've had no luck.

Looking for cheap square tiles (plastic or wood) about a half inch (maybe smaller) to the side. Lightweight is a plus, as is avaliability in a decent palette of colors.

I've looked at Legos (way too pricey), Bath tiles (too big, heavy, colors all wrong), and glass mosaic tiles (costly, wrong material, too large.)
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I found a few things at Delphi.
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Have you checked out eBay? Search "mosaic glass tiles" under Crafts. Very good prices, several 1/2", mulitiple colors (though they're the "wrong material" as you said). Probably available at your local craft shop as well - where you can also check out the scrapbooking supplies; I have some small, plastic, sticky-back tiles made by some scrapbook company but probably more expensive than you'd like.
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Crud. I should have read more carefully. The above links are for ceramic tiles.
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There's some "1/2 inch" wooden square tiles at OTC, with the disclaimers that it's an assorted batch of colors and from the picture, the factory takes "1/2 inch" a bit casually. The foam ones might also work for you?

There's also SmithWood Products, but you'd have to ask for a quote, as it's one of their 'geometric cut outs' listed under 'craft' on this page.
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Got access to an electric saw?

Get a bunch of light colored dominos and cut in them half. Spray paint or hand paint as desired. Maybe go so far as to bleach and sand as discussed in this domino art link.
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Mosaic Tile Arts is run by a guy I know, though he seems to carry only glass. Still, might be something you could use.
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Buy sample chips of linoleum or marmoleum.
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Nasco is your friend. They have all that kind of stuff - it's where I invariably get my mosaic tiles.
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