Spraypainting metal
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How do you spray paint metal?

I need to spray paint my keyboard but obviously typical spray paint chips off hard surfaces easily. I need something that's durable.
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1) Primer
2) Paint
3) Clear coat

Talk to your local paint store for more details.

For a keyboard, I think this is more trouble than it is worth.
posted by randomstriker at 8:00 PM on August 27, 2006

Rust-Oleum spray metal primer
But a metal keyboard? Am I missing something?
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Don't underestimate the difference good surface prep makes. Getting any oils (including fingerprints) off of the surface before the priming is always a good thing.

But I'm with hydrophonic: metal keyboard? Huh?
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It's probably a Powerbook. They have aluminum keyboards. (Actually I think they're plastic that looks like the aluminum so maybe I'm wrong)
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If this is electronics (and unless there's some strange new definition of keyboard I'm unaware of...) I've got a bad feeling that spraypainting is going to, well, wreck it. More details? I think you should subject this project to greater scrutiny here.
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Profile suggests you are a musician, I'm presuming a musical keyboard then, and I still think it is a bad idea. Won't paint get in between the keys and gum things up?
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if you really want the paint to stick well:

- take it apart, so that each piece you want to paint is separate and free standing
- scrub the hell out of it with soap and water until it's very clean
- roughen the surface slightly with high-grit (fine) sandpaper
- clean in soap & water again, then wear powder-free gloves and wipe it down with rubbing alcohol and then acetone
- mask any areas you don't want to get paint into, particularly things with tight mechanical tolerances like the threads in a screw-hole
- spray on primer, then paint. use primer designed for metal surfaces and high-durability paint. spray on very lightly from far away. err on the side of not enough paint and do an extra coat if you think the coverage is too light. you really want to avoid the paint globbing up and/or dripping because the spaces between keys are tight.
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Unless you can do as sergeant sandwich suggests, and you have an outside or well-ventilated area that you can do this in without getting spray-paint everywhere, you're better off just using a brush. You'll make a huge mess and destroy whatever it is you're trying to paint otherwise.
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Avoid Rust-Oleum spray paints. Many colors of Rust-Oleum do not harden, no matter how long you let them dry. They scratch very easily. I have also seen some metallic Rust-Oleum colors tarnish.

If you do not have a fair amount of spraypainting experience, I would not take on this project. There is too much opportunity for errors that would make your situation worse than it is.
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