Advice on Carpet Tile pile?
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Carpet Tile users/owners: I need advice - Which style of Flor has the thickest pile/nicest feel? It will be used in my living room.

I still haven't made my carpet tile purchase and would appreciate input as to which style of Flor would be the most comfortable in my living room. I've ordered samples and found that the photos on the web site aren't always accurate representations. Advice?
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Have you looked at the Design Within Reach website? Go to one of the Flor products (such as this) and click on the link to the "FLOR Designer"--there's quite a bit of info, including an FAQ and customer service number.
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Rather than browsing the website, why not just stop by one of the many DWR and other interior design stores in SF that stock FLOR? Texture greatly affects how textile colors appear in natural settings so it helps to see the tiles in person. Bring along photos of where you'll be putting down the tiles to help you visualize and help the store rep give you recommendations.
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Response by poster: Cool, thanks for the advice. I wasn't even aware that there are SF stores that stock Flor.
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