TechFilter: I would like to obtain a specific file out of an SIS package. Can it be done?
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TechFilter: I would like to obtain the SWF file out of this SIS package. Can it be done?

Seems that the SIS file will not install on my Nokia N80 because it's outdated for my phone's platform. I therefore would like to somehow get the withheld SWF file out of the package and just play it with my phone's own Flash Lite program. Searching thus far has found two utilities. One requires Perl and the other Java. Both of which I don't know how to use confidently enough. Gee, I'm not even sure if the SWF can be extracted from the SIS, so I know I might be barking up the wrong tree here. But can you help? Geek it to me, MetaFilter!
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Best answer: Seriously, the java version looks VERY straightforward.

Odds are you most likely have Java 1.4 installed on your system, all you need to do is extract the archive, copy the SIS file into the directory and execute the following command from the command line:

unsis (sis file) (target path)
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In fact, check your profile email...
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Response by poster: Thanks Stew! Hey, it's Monday where I am. That's my excuse.
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