Or do pets go bodily into heaven during the rapture?
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Pets filter: What happens to those who are Left Behind?

This recent askMefi Pets filter: What happens to those who remain behind? made me wonder:

Do Christians who expect to be raptured (or who accept Mark 13:32's "But of that day and hour knoweth no man" and thus the possibility they could be raptured at any time) make provision for their pets being Left Behind?

Presumably, this is more complicated than making provision for pets in the case of death, given that many potential executors or heirs might be raptured as well.

Or is the expectation that the pets gets raptured too? If so, all pets, or just the pets of raptured people? And if so, do the pets rise into the air and go bodily into heaven like the people?

Would a pet be raptured if its recently deceased master would otherwise have qualified for rapture if he hadn't died?

What about quasi-pets, like working animals (horses, guide dogs, sheep dogs, show animals, breeding animals)? Livestock? Semi-domesticates like song-birds or aquarium fish? Experimental animals?

Only animals that have individual names?

Where could I find theological discussion of this? Do different sects have different official policies/beliefs/pronouncements on this?
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This post was deleted for the following reason: please stop, or try to make your post not sound like some LOL XIAN mefi thread.

Probably not the most erudite of sources, but the Bible Bulletin Board Guy says nu-uh.

I'd be curious to see other takes on this as well.
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Uh oh. Another no vote.
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Wait! Book with Cute Kitty on the Cover says yes! With a blurb from Jack Van Impe his ownbadself!
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I was "rapturous" with delight when my poochie 'Captain' returned after being gone for 4 days....Is that significant you think?
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Response by poster: Great answers so far, as they suggest pets won't be raptured since they don't go to heaven.

Opinions to the contrary are also great too -- but in that case, if pets do go to heaven, are they also raptured, or do they go to heaven after a natural, post-Rapture death?

But I'm specifically interested in whether pets are Left Behind after The Rapture, and if so what those expecting to be raptured are doing to provide for their pets (and quasi-pets, and livestock) after they've been raptured.
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Pets don't sin, so they aren't really part of the same systerm of eternal reward and punishment. Even if they weren't to get taken up in the rapture, that wouldn't necessarily be an indication of their eternal fate.
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Animals, like atheists, have no souls and will not be raptured.
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