Tailors in NYC
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Wow, this is like popcorn. OK then.

All youse New Yorkers: anybody recommend a decent tailor? This is for some detail work. My wife got this amazing Vivienne Tam skirt at a secondhand store in the East Village, which needs to be taken in a little, and the fabric is like neoprene. She doesn't feel right just bringing it in to the local drycleaner/tailor/laundry, and I can't say I blame her.
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Check out Penguin Fashion [(212)227-6316]; it's a men's tailor, but the staff could refer you to someone who could work on your wife's outfit.

They're at 111 Nassau St., on the 'hat.
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Ramón's at 306 Mott Street just north of Houston is where the John Varvatos store sent me for alterations on a suit and they were excellent.
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Oh, and here's a New York Mag list of recommended tailors from a couple years back.
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Response by poster: Way cool, thanks!
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And Craig's list might have even more detailed info if you ask on there.
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