Don't make me hate my Mac!
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I recently signed up for an Internet based math class. After registering, I discovered that although the class is primarily internet based, you must also download its software in order to complete homework assignments and take tests. The software is not Mac compatible, and I'm on a Mac. Doh!!

I don't have one of those newfangled intel mac's. I'm running 10.4 on a G4 iBook. What options do I have if I want to be able to do my homework on my computer?

Feel free to refer me to previous posts on related topics if I missed something obvious in my search.
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Virtual PC?
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I second virtual pc. I've installed it on a friend's powerbook and it works seamlessly for any windows-based software he needs to run.
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VPC is fine and dandy but it's rather expensive for just running one application for one class. Why not something like Q, which is free (though admittedly somwhat slower than VPC)?

Also, um, chrisamiller, Darwine has nothing to do with the posted question. The poster isn't developing a Win32 API application and Darwine doesn't run x86 binaries at all.
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You can buy a crappy PC on eBay or Craigslist for $50. If you get one with XP Pro, you can operate it remotely from your Mac using Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection (which is free).
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Virtual PC. But first I'd check if there was any warning about it being PC only. If not, demand your money.
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I agree with edd with regards to the warning. Did they list anywhere a set of "system requirements" for the class, or did they list a PC computer in the prerequisites for the class?
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what's the math software that you have to download? it might be that there's a mac version of it, or something equivalent that does run on the mac.
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Is there a PC running Windows XP anywhere in your house/apt.? If so, download the math software and install it on that PC, turn on Remote Access, install Remote Desktop Connection for Mac on your iBook and connect to said machine.
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If you're going to go the emulator route, you want Parallels and Virtual PC.

You'd also need a copy of Windows to go this route, though.
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My bad - I thought I remembered that there was a WINE port for macs, like the one that runs windows applications on linux. A google search turned that page up. (Is there WINE for mac?)
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You're probably thinking of Crossover Mac, that only runs on Intel-based Macs, not iBooks (which are all PowerPC-based).
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ursus: uh, he can't use Parallels - he clearly stated that he doesn't have an Intel Mac.

I second the "buy a cheap PC" idea. I keep an old beat up Pentium III around for just that reason.
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I'll second majick's suggestion. Exact same thing happened to my wife, and it was a math class, too (let me guess, it's a Pearson site?). I think she was ready to marry me all over again after I installed Q and she didn't have to go to the computer lab anymore. It's slow, but it works.
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Thanks all! Great suggestions.

Yup, Pearson's - the bastards. It's so annoying because it's just some lousy plug-ins. Would it be so hard for them to make them Mac compatible?

I've tried to install Q but I'm having technical problems. Partially I'm not super savvy about what some of the jargon means and the site isn't necissarily designed for the layperson. Working on a bunch of the other suggestions here. Thank you all!
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