Can you name this Merengue song?
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Can you name this Merengue song?

The two details I'm positive about are that this song is Merengue and that the hook is a male voice singing loudly, "Porque te quiero!" I've searched on Google and iTunes for a while but no luck up until now. Thank you.
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This isn't too much to go from, but what are your searches? I'd try to include the word "letras" or "cifras" to get the lyrics sites en español, as well as "merengue" and "porque te quiero," of course. Some possibilities google gave me, that you might look at:
Chcihi Peralta, Amor narcótico
Covered by many - Te quiero porque te quiero
Grupo Mania, Celos me Provoca
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Yes, more information would be helpful- is this a recent release, or vintage merengue? The number of merengue songs with men singing "porque te quiero" in the chorus is not very small.
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Response by poster: I can't be positive, but I'd have to lean away from it being a recent release. I can't really contribute anymore details, but I do know that I have heard this song at multiple Salsa clubs so it has to be slightly popular.
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