How to edit and print from blogspot?
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How can i export and then print a blog in order to present it as a book?


I wish to create a present to my good friend and his wife by making a book out of the blog they wrote during their honeymoon.
The blog is hosted on Google's blogspot and i am having problems exporting it to word. I need to edit it before printing so i could divide it to an easily read format (page breaks etc) and make some additions.
Blogspot doesn't offer an easy export function and so far i attempted to do a simple copy/paste, saving the page using the "save as" function in the browser and lastly printing it to a file using microsoft document viewer.
The first two options left me with a garbled page which was quite hard to fix and the last one gave me a page i couldn't edit.
Can anyone offer me some advice on this?
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You could pay and do this given it's going to be a gift and you want it to look nice.
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Or something free like this (for Live Journal) found with some easy googling. They're are probably others out there too.

Good luck.
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Next time I'll read the question carefully before answering, Sorry. :)
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Someone posted this a while back: Blurb Book Types Blog Book
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I'm not clear on what you're doing to "export the text"

1. Can you copy and paste right off the webpage?

2. If you're saving the page, are you saving it as text only?

2b. Once it's saved, are you opening direclty in Word?

3. A link to the actual web page or google page would be helpful?

4. Are you using IE as your brower? If so have you tried using Firefox or vice versa?
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[Blurb Book currently ships only to the US and Canada.]
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"i am having problems exporting it to word."

If you go into blogger to the status page and click 'help' in the top right, search on "export" and you get the following article...

"How do I create a backup of my entire blog?

Blogger does not have an export or download function. However, you can use the following instructions to create a single file with all your posts which you may publish and then copy to your own computer for use as desired...." There's a lot more info (which I haven't realllly read) - this is just the introduction.
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Response by poster: Thanks Bim and NotMyselfRightNow. I will take a look into the options you provided.
Currently my problems are shipping outside of the usa and the fact BlogBinders requires me to gain access to the account - which will kinda ruin the whole surprise thing...
The same issue prevents me from using peacay's advice.. (i've seen it already)
Brandon Blatcher: To answer your questions:
1. Copy/paste doesn't work since the entire formatting of the page is ruined. tables get thrown all over the place, background is inconsistent at best etc..
2. I wish to keep the original look of the page. not the text only so i tried saving as HTML.
2b. I did tried to open it in word.
3. Link
4. i used both FF and IE.
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I converetd the page into a pdf, which might be easier for you to copy from:

One without the background graphics and stuff:

And one with them: WITHbackground.pdf

Hope this helps. You'll probably have to redo from scratch, rebuilding the background graphics and plug the type in. Hope this helps!
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Response by poster: Thank you Brandon! i will try using the PDFs
may i ask what method u used to convert the html to PDF? Google provides an endless amount of answers...
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I'musing Mac OS X, which has a feature that allows you save anything you can print, as a PDF.

So all I did was hit print, then select PDF and that was it.
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