How can I be more productive on the Internet?
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Is it possible to monitor my own browsing habits and create statistics based on them, so I can be more productive?

I am looking for a program or extension (for Firefox) that watches your browsing, and will build statistics based on it.

It would have to keep tab on which sites you visit, which you visit most often, perhaps the amount of bandwidth used on a given site, etc.

I am interested to see what sites I am wasting my time browsing, and those I need to pay more attention to, so I can be more productive
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hmmm... I do something similar, but instead all my traffic is routed through a squid web-proxy.

At the end of the day/week/month reports are generated and placed on a server I can peruse at my leisure. It might be a little heavy, but it's worth a shot if nothing else works.
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There is a firefox extension that monitors how much time you spend on certain websites (you can make a whitelist for work-related sites).

This might easily be modified.. but I don't think currently fits your needs (other than squid+reports)
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Here's the extension and a couple of sites that let you do something with the data.
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muta: that's freaking awesome...

the extension I mentioned is called "TimeTracker", but just tracks amount of time on any particular site.... (I wasn't at my work computer, so I didn't know the name of it)
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