Looking for Saris In All the Right Places . . .
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So, if you happened to be Indian, and you happened to live in the Atlanta area, and had already been to the Global Mall on Jimmy Carter . . .

where else would you go to find saris and other Indian clothing? Bonus if you can get us below the price points at Global Mall (the median seemed to be about $100.00) or if you can point us at a shop that does more "every day" type clothing -- most of the things we saw, while beautiful and capable of making me empty my wallet, seemed to be for parties or other events.
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Check out this post at Making Light. She talks about how to buy a salwar kameez from ebay, and I bet her sources would work for you as well.
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Texas Sari Sapné, just off the intersection of North Druid Hills and Briarcliff. I was in there recently to look for chappals, and I seem to remember the prices on salwars and the like being reasonable. I'm not in the market for saris, though, so YMMV. (Oh, and they don't sell chappals.)

According to Garam Chai, there's also a couple of shops in Decatur.
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this might be moot point but have you thought about buying online?

I know (at least for the UK)


BTW, the third one has the most AWESOME saris I've ever seen (though the darling gf begs to disagree).
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We have been looking onlline, but these shops are not ones that we've found yet, so -- excellent. And, it so happens that we will be in Decatur this afternoon, so maybe those shops will be open.
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Mirage saris on N. Decatur Road and Church St. in Decatur. HUGE selection and better prices than the sari shop in Global Mall.
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