Is it safe to drink amaretto with a nut allergy?
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Can a person with a severe allergy to nuts drink amaretto safely? I remember reading it's actually made from the pit of a fruit (maybe apricots?), but I can't seem to find any details on the process.
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Google says to stay away, as peanuts (!!!) are involved.
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Peanuts aren't nuts though, they're beans. A person can be allergic to one and not another. I Am Not A Doctor.

Amaretto is flavoured with almonds so I guess it should be avoided if you suffer a nut allergy.

You also might want to research how to perform a tracheotomy just in case.
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I recall reading somewhere about using peach pits to flavour homemade amaretto; however all the recipes in a Google search call for almond extract...nary a peach pit to be seen.
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Peaches and almonds are closely related, though; they're both in the genus Prunus. (And, IIRC, both peach pits and almonds contain cyanide in their natural state. Edible almonds are a mutation.)
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Err ... many fruits contain cyanide in their seeds, including apples, including the ones you eat. The quantities are so minute that you'd have to eat a hell of a lot of appleseeds to have any effect.
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It all depends. I am allergic to some nuts and not others. Walnuts and brazil nuts could very well kill me. Peanuts (yes, I know, they are really a legume) and almonds I could eat all day long with no ill effect. Pecans, I seem to be able to tolerate. Other nuts... well, I don't want to risk it, in case I have a Walnut-type reaction. If you do decide to try it, make sure you have an Epi-pen on hand and someone to drive you to the ER.

Another food allergy thing I don't understand-- I am allergic to fish. Not as severely as nuts, but enough to stay away. EXCEPT for tuna. I can eat all the tuna I want. What's the deal with that? I figure I should be allergic to fish, or not.
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So Shoeburyness should stay away from nocino.

Interesting to note as well that the pit of apricots can be eaten. Opens just as an almond after drying.
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