Tabbed Document Assembly
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I'm assembling a document which uses tabbed page dividers. Should the tabbed dividers go before the corresponding section? Or should they follow, the idea being that it makes it easy to flip to that section by lifting the tab of the previous section? And yes this is a fantastically boring question.
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Principle of Least Surprise says before.
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More important than where you place the tabs: be consistent in how you place them. I know, it sounds obvious, doesn't it? But I could tell you stories....
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Thanks for the quick responses - sounds like preceding each section is the way to go.

And wryly - Since this is an immigration document, I'm being extra careful about assembling the whole thing. Each set of forms we need to file is in a separate tabbed section and each set of supporting evidence also gets its own tabbed. Double-punched at the top with an acco fastener, just how the DHS likes it.
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Good luck.
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