Where can I find this talking desk toy?
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Where can I find this talking desk toy?

A friend used to have a talking desk toy. He called it "Whipping Boy", but I don't know if that was the name of the product or something he made up. It was a plastic statuette of a of a young man, and the idea was that if you yelled at it, it would react with grovelling apologies for the transgression.

For example, you might say: "Whipping Boy! Why did my TPS report go out without the new cover sheet!" and the toy would respond with something like: "I'm so sorry sir! It was all my fault! It will never happen again!"

O Hive Mind, where can I find this toy or something like it?
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Here it is on eBay. Now you use the info there to find other suppliers online.

For future reference, Archie McPhee is usually good for things like this (tho they don't have this specific thing).
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The manufacturer is Rau Creations.
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The unbearable awesomeness of AskMe...huge thanks to both of you!
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