DS lite case?
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I got a Nintendo DS lite for my birthday, and am interested in finding a simple case for it. Looking for recommendations / warnings.
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Gosh, there's really nothing special I can think of (I have a DS Lite). I just got one at EB.

Make sure you don't put any stress on the hinges and be careful when it's open... if you haven't heard, there's some problems with them cracking. Nintendo will fix it for free though.
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I seriously just carry mine around in a clean gym sock.
I'm a fan of "iPod sock" type gadget cases for their simplicity and kooshieness. I'm actually knitting a replacement for the gym sock but right now I'm pretty happy with it as a case. Protective, simple, cheap, replacable if lost, all that good stuff. Also, it probably prevents theft!
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I would recommend the clear case / silicon protector - simply becase you can still play while keeping the unit protected. However, over time it will either get warped and torn.

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Look around your house. I was looking for a case to buy and just started keeping my eye out and found an old calculator with a nice case in a drawer and snagged it. Ended up being a good fit (even has a side pouch for games). I can't send you one...but just an idea.

Ohh, and those mint tins with the snap on covers work really well for games.
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Are there still any shoe repair places near you (who actually do the stuff instead of outsourcing it)? Especially one that might be a little older and/or run by an older person - who might also advertise that they repair luggage.

In addition to custom fitting holsters for cops and harness equipment for loggers, they might be willing to sew up a leather case for you to your custom spec.
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There are reports of easily cracked hinges on DS Lites. Be extra gentle!
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