Dual Headaches
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Windows XP running with a dual display. Anyone know how to set things up so that files save to the secondary display instead of the primary display when I choose "save to desktop?".
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The definition of "primary display" is pretty much "Where should windows pop up by default". Why don't you just switch which monitor is your primary one with that checkbox that does that?
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Doing that would cause the start menu to move, along with every other program. I believe what richmondparker wants to happen when he saves a file to the desktop, that it doesn't go to his primary monitor, but it goes to his secondary.

I have the same problem, would be nice to have a solution.
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I have a dual monitor setup, with an ATI card. You can manually drag the start menu and bar to the top, bottom or side of either monitor (no special software needed, its an XP thing).

For example, I have the left monitor vertical and my primary. The Start/menubar is vertical on the right side of the right (secondary) monitor.

Related: You dont need dual monitors to drag the start/menubar around.
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The solution really is to change which screen is your primary display. Then drag the start menu and the whole task bar over to the secondary display. Crazy that it works, but it does!
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I have a quad setup and agree that the solution is to switch the primary display and move the windows task bar to where ever you want it.
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Yes...I use the secondary display for file storage. Not at work right now, but I'll try switching the primary display and just dragging the task bar back to the secondary display. Thanks for the help!
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Exactly. You can move your start menu to either screen, regardless which is set to primary. Just set the screen you want to primary, and drag the start menu to the screen you want it on.
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