Watch your house over the web?
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I am looking for products/services where you can install a camera outside your home (maybe on the porch or back deck) and see what's going on via the web while you're at work or away from home anytime? I guess it would have to be some kind of wireless connection signal transmission thingy?
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Some remote cameras: (wired) (wireless)

This costs more, but can both pan and zoom: (wired)


You would need to run power to them, so you might as run networking as well. If you have money to spend and a 802.3af-powered network switch, you might look at powered Ethernet, which brings +5V to network devices that support the 802.3af specification. Wireless devices outside the home can be subject to the whims of neighborhood radio interference.
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It doesn't have to be wireless if you're moderately agile and technically competent. I've got a Silent Witness (NTSC) security camera monitoring my back yard, after getting burglarized a couple of years ago. Run the cabling along the eaves until you get to an attic vent, then run the cabling through your attic to a Linux box with one or more video capture cards, running Zoneminder.

Add a bit of SSH tunneling and you've got a secure, remotely viewable motion-sensor video feed. I've set up similar installations for the Little League facility I volunteer for. It's not that hard or expensive. If the Silent Witness cameras are too much for you, swing by Harbor Freight for one of their cheap ones. They're not great, but they are serviceable.
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