Do you read Arabic?
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Can anyone proof my Arabic?

In response to recent events, I'd like to create a shirt that says "I am not a terrorist" in Arabic.

Google's translator, amazingly, includes Arabic, so I'm hoping I can get someone who knows how to read it to check my work before I offer the Tees.

You can see my graphic here:

I had to use Safari to do the type rendering for me, because the standard version of Photoshop doesn't do right-to-left text, bizarrely (if you know better, please let me know).
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I'd suggest posting a message here.
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Best answer: The last word should be اْرهابي

You can drop the Alif (the last letter).
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Response by poster: Rock on, nineRED.

So, like this?
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If ya care...I made this a couple years ago as a two-layer stencil. Never did anything with it.
Basically means "STOP TERRORISM", if you couldn't noodle that already.
it's a bold statement, I know...

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May I suggest something, to make it more accurate. Add a 'hamza' on the first 'alef' of 'ana' and below the the alef of 'irhabi'.
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Well, that didn't take long: boingboing I am not a terrorist shirt.
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I can see it now.

TSA Agent: "I asked him what his shirt said and he told me 'I am a terrorist.'"

You: "No, I didn't! I said 'I am NOT a terrorist.'"

TSA Agent: "No, I definitely heard him say he was a terrorist."
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peep, that's about what I thought when I saw nineRED's image inline above. It wouldn't be read "Stop terrorism" but rather "Stop me! I'm a terrorist!"
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OK, since the question has been answered, can I piggyback a wee bit and ask 1) what the transliteration of the phrase is, and 2) where the negative is? My Arabic is next to nonexistent, but I thought negative statements had a maa or a mish or something.
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Response by poster: No not, long at all. I was just coming in to share.

I think someone elsewhere made the same suggestion convex -- can you give it to me in Arabic? I don't speak or read it -- I rely on the goodness of others so I can copy and paste.
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'maa' or 'mish' are modern arabic and can differ from one arabic country/accent to another. While 'ana lastu irhaby' is traditional arabic.

'ana' : I

'lastu' : am not where the attached 'u' part represents 'me' who is 'not'.

'irhaby' : terrorist, where the 'y' part refers to 'me-male' who is not terrorist.

Is that making any sense?
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Yes, and thank you!

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Damn, I realized a second after I hit post that that "Nerd!" didn't make any sense; it was a dig at cortex, and you're not cortex, you're convex! My most humble apologies.

Damn co**exes... Nobody can keep 'em apart...
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the 'hamza' is the floating thing on top like here "أ", put it on top of the "ا" in "انا " and below it in "ارهابي".

Or look at the chart
The 'hamza' on top should look like key 'H' and 'hamza' below should look like key 'Y'.
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A woman just emailed saying that the arabic needs to be offered in a female-appropriate form as well.

Can someone help me add a "tah marboota" to the end of the sentence?

Here is the original text for reference:

انا لست ارهابيا
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But add 2 dots on top of the last letter
انا لست ارهابيه
I am using google translator too, they lack such letters.
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Piggybacking from my earlier question: what does "karaysee" mean--or the "krs" root--since "tah" is a female word?
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Careful this doesn't happen to you.
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