I'd prefer to communicate via email...
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Trying to remember a movie with a certain scene (more inside)

All I remember is that it has a scene that goes something like this:

Woman (or man... I don't quite remember) starts a new job. She reports to the job and finds that she is going to be sharing an office with her boss. Nonplused, but no big deal. She starts to talk to him and he just excitedly motions her to her computer. She sits down and gets a "you've got mail" notification.

Opens the mail, and it is an email from her boss, who is in the room with her. She reads it over, has a question, and turns to ask him. He shakes his head, and points at her computer again.

Again, the "you've got mail" sound. She opens it-- it's from him, and says, "I'd rather we communicate via email." She looks at this incredulously, turns to ask him a question, and gets another "you've got mail" sound.

This goes on for a little while, humorously escalating, until she gives up and leaves.

We just got a new bug tracking software package at work, and I was joking with a co-worker that this will enable us to work without actually talking to each other :)
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One of the Bridget Jones movies had that type of interaction with Renee Z. and Hugh Grant.
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It's a TV show, from an episode of "Dead Like Me". It just aired this week on SciFi. I'm not sure what episode it was, but if you have an old TV guide, it ran from 8-9PM. I think George quits HappyTime.
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It's not "Secretary" is it?
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omg. i loved dead like me. so sad to see they cancelled it =(
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_YES_!!! That must be it-- we were huge DLM fans. Thanks so much!
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With IM and an open office, this is how our company often works :)
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The episode is "The Bicycle thief" from season one. (At least, that's the one where George quits her job -- it may not be until the next episode that she starts her new job.)
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