Component (YPbPr) to VGA?
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Component (YPbPr) to VGA (RGBHV)?

Thanks to my cable company and the DMCA, I can't use the DVI-out on my cable box to feed the DVI-in on my monitor. I (think that I) therefore need to use one of these converters. My guess is that they each use this chip, and may be very similar internally. Are they different? Does one get what he pays for?
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Would also be happy to buy a Spatz DVIMAGIC to accomplish the same thing differently, but they no longer manufacture it.
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I have personally sold the one you can get from GamerSection, and all the customers that have bought it have been more than satisfied. None of them bought it for professional work, though, just gaming. Also, $64.99 is an outstanding price. When I last sold them a year ago, we had to charge about $79.99 due to the wholesale cost of them.
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I use the Key Digital box every day and it works flawlessly and provides a very clean signal. I don't know about the cheaper ones, but Key Digital is an excellent company in my experience.
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