What's that site like word.com but with more drugs and sex (and none of those cool daily animations)?
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What's that site with web-fomat short stories, usually at least somewhat autobiographical, and accompanied by illustrations--in the vein of the old word.com Work content?

It's been a while since I've checked it for new content and I just can't seem to think of the domain name, but I'm sure someone here will know the site I'm talking about.

Story categories include sex, work, and drugs. Its appearance is light on dark, with, I believe, purple navigation icons for each category--i.e. a little spilling anthropomorphic coffee cup for the 'work' category.

The story I remember most was by a Jewish guy who, as a child, received an age-inappropriate gift of a teddy bear from his overprotective but well-intentioned father and responded by secretly stabbing it furiously with a kitchen knife or scissors.

It seems like the domain name was a synonym for 'grind' or 'grist' but I'm just not hitting the right word, and my searches are interesting but not fruitful. Am I close? Feels like it's right on the tip of my brain.

If anyone wants to make this more useful for myself and others, feel free to recommend similar fictionalized slice of life sites such as this one.

I used to love reading the ones on word.com . . . I think the first one I ever read was about a woman and her boyfriend who experimented with watersports for a while. Eventually they broke up and she tossed their mattress. Each time you clicked to go to the next page, another mattress was added atop a little illustrated stack of mattresses to the right of the story text. Heh.
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tip of your brain or tip of your tongue? ;-)
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Best answer: Fray.com, run by Derek Powazek
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The archive, just to make for a quick link.
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Response by poster: Stefanie in eight minutes. Thank you very much! :)

And, yes, those little just-unreachables have always felt like they are dancing on my frontal lobe . . . in fact, that's exactly where they make my head hurt. :)

The down side is that it looks like Fray may be on its way out, unfortunately. Any similar site recommendations would be very welcome.

Thanks again!
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