theaters showing chinese films
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I'm looking for theatres that show Chinese language films in the Los Angeles area. It would be great if the movies had english subtitles but it they don't I'm still interested.
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I've seen several Chinese language films (with subtitles) at the New Beverly Cinema, but they only pop up every month or two.
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The Laemmle and Landmark chains regularly screen first-run movies which have been picked up by the "independent" studios.
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Also, check the weekly rags or the LA times listings section on Thursdays for series at UCLA, the American Cinematheque, or LACMA.
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Thank you for the answers so far. I was hoping to find theaters serving the Chinese speaking communities. Meanwhile I've fold this this blog which publishes calendars of asian films being shown in Southern California.
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this blog; link fixed.
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what blog was that?
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i swear that the 'link fixed' post wasn't there when i posted that. eh.
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