Hotmail access problem
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My roommate can't access her e-mail. . .

my roommate is using IE 6 on our home wireless network (unsecure, if that matters, linksys router), and she can't access her hotmail account. She tries to log in and gets "this page can't be displayed."

Forgive me if this is a stupid question. I'm stumped although my knowledge is limited.
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Can she access other webpages?

If so, here are some things to try:

- try to open the same webpage on your computer, if it can't open there either, you may have a problem with your router

- clear the cache (options, internet tools)

- use Firefox!
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Um, I don't remember exactly how to do this on windows machines, but try releasing and renewing the IP addresses and clearing the DNS cache or something like that (I'm sure someone else can explain this much better to you, but I figured I'd at least put the idea out there...)
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This problem persists after restarts (and I just cleared the dns cache to be sure).

This problem only affects her computer, not mine on the same network.

This problem affects hotmail and also aol mail, in terms of not being able to log in.

And, to make matters more confusing, I just tried to get to gmail and it won't even display the login page (possibly because it is trying to redirect to an inbox using saved username/password data).

So basically, it seems like the problem is with secure sites.
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Run Windows updates?
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Sounds like a certificate issue. Turn on encryption and use Firefox and let us know if that solves the problem.
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Here are some other things to try (mskb).
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A friend of mine just had this problem installing a new router at a client's -- no Hotmail or Gmail, everything else working fine.

He called Linksys and they had him change the MTU, which for no discernable reason fixed it.
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If you have SP2, make sure windows popup killer is disable, or add those sites to its exceptions. You have something that isn't configured properly (i.e. security, firewall, etc.) If it can be accessed from other computers in your home, it isn't the router.
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