I'm going to a ball game.
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I'm new to Toronto. I'm going to see my first baseball game this weekend. Where do I sit? Which day is best? Also, any tips on getting tickets for the hockey would be appreciated?
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Do you mean your first game in Toronto, or first game ever? If it is your first game in TO, I find that the view from the upper deck (500 level and 200 level in the outfield) is relatively poor compared to other stadiums, so you might want to bear this in mind.

If it is your first game ever, then where you prefer to sit will depend on what part of the game you like best. For me it is the batter-pitcher confrontation, so I try to sit right behind the plate if possible. For a general close-up view of the action and a decent chance of catching a foul ball, try the field level seats along the baselines (sections 112-115 and 126-130; $40). I've gotten good Jays tickets from scalpers for less than half of face value just prior to (or just after) the start of games.

As for which day is best, have a look at the pitching matchups (if that sort of thing interests you). Otherwise, pick a nice sunny day when the roof is likely to be open - it's a much more enjoyable experience.

Hockey tickets? If you mean season tickets - well, you could try and get in somebody's will, I guess. If you want single game tickets, they can be had from online brokers, etc. If you want to see better hockey at a much more reasonable price, drive to Buffalo (seriously).
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Don't know much about the stadium, but they're playing Kansas City this weekend, who are epically awful. So don't expect a good game.

However, if you had to pick a day, I'd go Saturday to see Roy Halladay pitch. And they're still chasing a Wild Card spot, so they probably won't sit any sluggers.
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Oh, and the other good news about playing KC is that attendance will probably be piss-poor, so you can probably scalp tickets very cheaply.
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Also, if you need a pre-/post-game activity, you might want to tour the Steam Whistle Brewery, which is immediately adjacent to the Skydome (Rogers Centre). Samples included, if you're into that sort of thing.
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If you want Leaf hockey tickets, they all go on sale at 10am sometime in September. You'll have about 3 minutes to get the tickets you want for the game you want via ticketmaster. The next 20 minutes are a crap shoot as to which games remain available. By 11am pretty much all the tickets for the year are gone. At least, that's my experience.
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This may not get you tickets, but referring to it as "the hockey" sounds plain wrong. If you wanna sound proper, call it a "Leafs game," but if you wanna sound like you know what's up just call it "the game" as the Leafs are the biggest sports draw in town by far. Plus, sounding in the know means that scalpers are probably less likely to try and rip you off.
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For the Jays, go on a sunny day so that the Dome is open. The most enjoyable games that I have been to have all been on sunny days.

For the Leafs, get a group of friends together and head to a neighbourhood bar. Better than forking over too much money for a seat where you cant see anything.
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All excellent answers, thank you everyone. I think that we'll go on Saturday and pray for a sunny day. I'm heading to Niagara Falls next week, so maybe we'll see if we can line it up with a game in Buffalo.

Again, thanks for your answers.
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I personally like the upper levels (500) provided you're relatively close the infield. The view is not the best, but tickets are $9 and it's a hell of a lot less crowded then the lower levels.

If it is sunny the dome will be open. Wear lots of sunscreen!
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Don't deal with a scalper - just walk up to the ticket window and buy your seats - it won't be a sell out.

If you like to people watch between innings - ask for front row seats in the 500 section (upper balcony) - they are only about $10.50...........you are pretty high up but it's a great view.
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Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the hockey season doesn't start until the beginning of October, with preseason starting on September 18 for the Leafs. So, you're out of luck for Sabres tickets. See the Leafs schedule here.

You may want to consider seeing some minor league hockey instead. The Toronto Marlies will play a pretty good brand of hockey in a smaller stadium for significantly cheaper prices - in case you can't get Leafs tickets. Check our their schedule as well...

Good luck, and welcome to our fair city.
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I like sitting in the 100 rightfield seats at the SkyDome. You're directly above the opposing teams bullpen. It's neat to watch them warm up and if you're not a leather-lunged heckler somebody in your section will be. Always enjoyable. And if you go cheap and end up in the 500 level, go for a closer seat towards 1st or 3rd rather than a seat right behind home plate but a million rows up.
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My favorite seating at any baseball stadium is field-level between home plate and first base, closer to first than home. You likely don't have to be too close to the field. (My experience is limited to Safeco Field in Seattle, but a baseball diamond is a baseball diamond, after all...)
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If you get a sunny afternoon game: 200 level, third-base side. All the benefits of an outdoor game, but without the slow bake of the sun, as the 500 level deck creates a lot of shade. Watch out for kids (but you probably already knew that).
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An alternative to selling your house to watch the Leafs is to go catch a Marlies game. They are the Leaf's AHL affiliate and play at the CNE. It's definitely more affordable.

For baseball, I always buy the $9 tickets, and the seats are significantly better the lower you are in the $9 range. You may have some freedom to walk around too, in the event that you want to check out how things are in the lower levels. They're never full anyways.
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