cleaning a pool table
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how do i clean a pool table?

i have an old pool table i plan on selling ebay. i would definately say it needs to be reclothed.

but before putting it on ebay i would at least like to make it look presentable. so im after advice on cleaning it with things i might already have around the house.

i don't want to splash out on special cleaning solutions seen as i plan on selling it anyway!
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for the wood parts, use simple furniture polish. To make the cloth look better, use a soft bristle brush on the felt. Like a shoe shine brush. (a CLEAN shoe shine brush)
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I'm not going to mention getting a pool cleaner in...

You could try a lint brush/roller on the baize.
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If the cloth is really old, be cautious about brushing it. You might make shiny spots. Vacuuming is good. If it's stained, you could try some upholstery cleaner. But if it is not a slate table, don't put any liquid anything on it. Liquids can make plywood swell.
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Ditto vacuuming the felt. A handheld Dirt Devil-type or the upholstery attachment of an upright model will pull the excess chalk dust and lint up. To really do a good job brush it first with the afore-mentioned soft bristle brush in one direction only, then use the vacuum.
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I just read in a book that there are actually people who specialize in pool table maintenence.

Perhaps brushing it?

Or maybe the Hamilton Billiards folks would be able to suggest what to do?

(I link to them since your email domain is registered in the UK)
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