Commoder 64 GEOS Emulation on Windows XP
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I'm jonesing for the good old days and tinkering: Has anyone successfully installed a C64 emulator and GEOS on a Windows PC? What configuration did you use?
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Boy I would love to play M.U.L.E. again!!
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well, there is a Flash C64 emulator of sorts. Perhaps that'll get you on the right road
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Probably not the answer you're looking for, but in case you didn't know, of those retro gaming joysticks you can buy (a retro-style joystick that plugs directly into the TV, and contains some classic games, sold for less than $30), one of those, the C64 DTV, is actually a complete working commodore 64 computer, and the circuit board is designed to be expandable - open up the joystick, and there are pads on for connecting a keyboard, etc.
Make did an article on it.

You could use one to build a portable C64 :)
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Yes and No. Yes, I've run a C64 emulator. I have no specific tips - I just found one, googled for ROMS and it worked. Some games will not work. Some will play too slow or too fast. At least one emulator includes a EPYX FastLoad catridge emu as well. (ah, fastload...). I have no specific suggestions other than to just try a few until you find an emu that works.

As for GEOS... heh. Post a screen shot if you get it working.
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There are tons of C64 emulators for Windows. I like VICE (which also emulates the C128, VIC-20, and PET).

It looks like GEOS is still being sold (!) so I can't find a disk image of it offhand. Game disk images are easy to find though.
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Response by poster: So far, get that VICE emulator working - grabbed the GEOS disk images - but not successfully getting the together - yet! Almost got Apple II emulator working with Apple GEOS. Ah memories!
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Response by poster: Holy crap. Progress: I'm using the CCS64 emulator and downloaded the GEOS image from here.
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