Where do I go for custom shoes or repairs?
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Shoefilter: I have 2 pairs of sandals that I adore and have pretty much worn right out. I cannot find them anywhere and would like to have them re-made (or a replica made from scratch). Is there anywhere in this hemisphere that will do that for less than the national debt?

I am willing to ship them to someone reputable, but would prefer to walk right into a shop in the Metro Detroit area (or up to a 2 hour drive in any direction).
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You might try contacting some of these folks.
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Birkenstock and others provide resoling services if the uppers are still servicable.
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Good luck. I once had two pairs of Bass sandals that I loved - simple, thin straps around the ankle and toes, nice and lightweight.

I wore them out, looked for new ones, and found out that they stopped making them. It's been 3 years, and I have never seen another sandal like it. Sandals these days seems to weigh 10 pounds and have friggin soles that are 2 inches deep.
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how about trying ebay for your brand/model of sandal? people sell new old stock all the time ...
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