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I am looking for an on line picture framer. I can assemble the final product myself. I am looking for the frame, mat, and glass or plexi glass. I am also looking for a site where I have a good idea of what the frame and mat will look like before I pay....i.e. a visual representation. The items I normally frame ARE NOT stock 8x10, 5x7 etc. They are custom sized pieces. Anyone had good experience with an online vendor out there?
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Light Impressions is pretty good. They're aren't the cheapest but you do get what you pay for. I had some non-standard sized hinged mattes cut by them and they were excellent. Square, nicely taped and no over cutting in the corners.
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I've used American Frame once. They are good for everything but very large prints which incur extra shipping charges if you want plexi and mat. They have a cool app that allows you to upload an image of what you want to frame so you can see what it will look like with various frames and mats. You can even customize the wall color.
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I think http://www.pictureframes.com/ fits your needs. I've ordered from them several times including one custom mat, and I recall they had a preview option.
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I have used Light Impressions also. I must say that my experience with them has been mixed. For several small orders they have been fine. The last time I dealt with them was (I feel) a disaster. I placed a order for a large number of frames (15+), plexi and mats. After the order was placed they continually changed the delivery date. In the end I canceled the order for the frames and got them online from Metro Frame... who have an excellent website where you can order custom frames. Metro also emailed me after I placed the order explaining how I could save money on the order. They are wonderful, and the frames were perfect.

Light Impression's website is apparently not tied to what they actually have in stock - or so I was told.

In the end, I used Light Impressions for the plexi, only because the order was already placed, a local framer for custom mats, and Metroframes for the (absolutely beautiful) wooden frames.
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My experience is the same as R. Mutt. I placed an order with Light Impressions. They rolled back the delivery date three times before I finally cancelled the order. I can't speak to their services when they are actually delivered. That was my only order.
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Don't use framesbymail.com horrible customer service and shipping policies. Had to get plexi shipped to me 3 times because they wouldn't package it properly. Wound up shattered on my doorstep.
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