Flashcard Program for Windows
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Flashcard program for Windows that doesn't stink. I need something that can handle jpgs or other sorts of pics for snippets of an ancient alphabet.
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I use the (mostly) free online resource flashcard exchange. Works great for me, and it can use pictures... Check it out. (you may have to pay to use the picture function... I'm lazy & not sure)
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check out this previous thread that mentions some flashcard programs

i was looking for one too, i havent yet found one i like. I'm tempted to learn how to program just to build one that I like.

I need a program that can categorize my various 'card piles' in a tree organization; that can work off of text files (ie not a proprietary format), can handle unicode fonts, and above all, is simple simple simple to use. Its this latter requirement that I cant find.

Also check out ndx cards. This is an interesting program of 'loose leaf' cards that you can organize any way you like.
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Best answer: If you are running Windows, you might check out the Microsoft Education Pack (which is free) and see if you can get it to install on a non Tablet version of Windows. It has a called "Ink Flash Cards" that I've used in the past to great effect (allows you to check off cards you know and removes them from the testing set, randomly serves up cards) and I was just successful in pasting pictures and text into it. If you have trouble with the installer, I can package up the executable for you and send it your way.
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Riding AArtaud's wake, though related... Does anyone know of a flashcard program that uses both tags as well as folders to organize card sets?
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