What stock / tradgin Blog has a bearded man on the bull sculpture?
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I lost track of a blog I really like... can anyone identify it from very sparse clues? It is a stock / trading blog. (**If you can tell me about any other stock, trading, economy, or venture capital blogs that you like that would be very appreciated too!)

The blog is about stocks, trading, and the economy. It is written by a guy who (I think) has a beard. His picture appears in the upper right corner of the blog. In this photo he is standing in front of, or perhaps sitting on, the famous large bull sculpture that is near Wall Street. He writes often about Jim Rogers, and recently wrote about Jim Rogers moving to China with his family (and selling his nyc brownstone.) Any idea what this blog is or how I can find it again? And as I said above, any other good stock / commodities / trading / vc / econ blogs out there? Thanks!
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I googled 'jim rogers moving china blog trading stocks' and came up with Daily Dose of Optimism.
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Well done! As for other sites, Seeking Alpha has a good front page aggregating a whole bunch of different blogs.
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Oh my. I am so embarrassed. I tried to search via tecnorati and for some beyond idiotic reason I cannot even explain right now (brain momentarily possessed by aliens?), I thought if I didn't find it there I wouldn't find it on google. Thank you iconomy. And thanks for being gentle about it and not making me feel even worse for not searching harder.
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Footnoted. Journalist Michele Leder is not here to make you money. She's here to help you understand what's really going on at publicly-traded companies, as she digs for gems in S.E.C. footnotes and obscure corporate filings.
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I am very partial to The Big Picture for his trading wisdom as much for his perspective on the way things are going economically speaking. His section called Apprenticed Investor is a very good guide to the processes of trading.
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