How do I learn Cascade Server?
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Does anyone know of any third-party training books or materials for learning Cascade Server?

I work as a training editor/content manager for a large corporation. I've been tasked to learn and implement Cascade Server as our content management system (CMS). This is our first time to move from manually managed folders of HTML files to a CMS. Cascade Server looks very cool, but the learning curve is proving to be rather steep.
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Recently, my college looked in to using this application for their website. One (of many) drawbacks it had was complete lack of documentation. Their sales rep's answer to this was to buy support from their tech support gurus.

It didn't appear they were interested in writing more docs for it at all.
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We're sorry to hear you weren't able to find the answers to your questions in the documentation. We have an active documentation team that is constantly improving the thousands of pages of documentation we make publicly available online:
Hannon Hill Knowledge Base Link

We also have a forum with hundreds of users and a dedicated support team to assist you. Please let us know how we can help.


The Hannon Hill Team
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