moviefilter: what's this movie?
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Moviefilter: 80's movie, guy gets to design a lamborghini ...

Here are some details I remember. I think the car was a wedding gift from his fiance's parents? but he was only supposed to choose the basic options... then he goes overboard and gets the thing fully loaded. My memory gets a little hazy here, I think something goes wrong and the car goes crazy... then I think there was some kind of rougue mechanic that helps him out.

I remember this from when I was a kid so I'm assuming it's an 80's movie.

good luck hive mind, the clock is ticking
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I vaguely remember this movie as well. Definitely a lamborghini. Is the basic premise that wild girl shows staid guy headed towards marriage the road not taken?
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Best answer: Is this it?

Q: I am trying to remember the title of this 80s movie. I don't remember too much about it other than a guy that was getting married but before they got married he went to buy a Lamborghini Countach like car. He was only going to buy the basic model but the sales woman got him all worked up into buying all of the options available. The car turned out to be junk.
The one line I remember from the movie was when he called the warranty information line and was told "I'm sorry Giuseppe cannot help you." Or something extremely close to that.

HBO played this movie all the time in the 80's.

A: The name of the movie you're looking for is called "It Takes Two".

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Response by poster: 21:04, great time for 4pm on a weekday.

thank you, jessicapierce
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IMDb link.
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favorite line in that movie...
after he eats a big ole bowl of chili (?)

"you gonna die man."
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