Technology compatible with multiple scleroris
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Suggestions for computer technology for people with multiple sclerosis. (Asking for a friend.)

Does anyone have any thoughts about how MS patients with electrical sensitivity can avoid becoming technologically obsolete? A physical therapist is trying to help one of her patients get a new computer but every new computer, LCD TV, wireless or remote device seems to cause him pain (starts in his hand when item is turned on, worsens to face and knees...and the pain lasts 2-3 hours). Has anyone run into this before and found either a way to block the electrical signals or certain devices which do not cause the symptoms?
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Having never delt with this first hand, or really honestly knowing much about it (other than a google search)..

It seems as though the desktop/cables could be shielded fairly heavily. As for the screen, perhaps a larger LCD that will let the user sit farther away?

Obviously don't use anything such as an optical mouse/wireless keyboard. I would even avoid USB peripherels (serial devices have less 'logic', and I would imagine release less EMF).

There is a company called SafeLevel that might give you a source for hardware, and ideas for further reducing EMF.

They're freaking expensive though.
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Response by poster: (I'm kind of combining the questions from two different people in this one; I'm not sure if the patient I mentioned is in a wheelchair, but one of the other people with similar problems is, so if people have ideas that might take wheelchairs into account, too -- I would assume wireless might be more important if you were in a chair? -- that would be great. Though non-wheel-friendly suggestions are also welcome.)

And thanks, SirStan.
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Wireless and electronical sensitivity.. Sounds like having AA at a pub. Get a long keyboard cable, and use one of those IBM Ultranav keyboards.
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Not computer advice, but while answering the compact fluorescent question from earlier today I ran into this article:
Finding compact fluorescent light bulbs that can be tolerated by multiple sclerosis victims.
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