I need a 35MB app to configure two mouse buttons
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Can I get Logitech SetPoint working on Windows 2003?

I've tried installing SetPoint 3.01 both normally and in XP compatibility mode - it installs without errors but no executable shows up after installing. I can copy the SetPoint dlls and exes from an older XP install, but it won't let me configure mouse speed or any of the extra buttons.

These problems resemble the ones that people have when installing it on Vista:
Logitech SetPoint v3.0.107 (32 Bit) [NOTE: Installs without errors, but when you open it, there's only one tab showing the about and website links.]

I just need the two buttons on the side of my mouse working - if there's a better way (maybe capturing with AutoHotKey?) that could work too. Thanks.
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Have you tried simply installing's Microsoft's own Intellipoint? It's ostensibly for Microsoft hardware but I think I've read that it works just fine for non-MS mice as well. If you just care about working buttons and not anything specific to the mouse (like changing the sensitivity or gaming) then it should work.
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Intellipoint is picking up Buttons 4/5 (the good ones) but it's not sending the keystrokes I configured it to send. I have tried many fake 'Connected devices' that resemble the Logitech MX518. I also get the warning:

Microsoft IntelliPoint: Some mouse settings might not work until you connect a Microsoft mouse to a USB port on your computer or set up a Microsoft mouse that uses Bluetooth technology.
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I have also tried program-specific settings for the mouse bindings and connecting a Microsoft mouse (just to get IntelliPoint to stop complaining), but neither worked.
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X-Mouse Button Control let me bind buttons 4 and 5, solving my problem. Thanks for letting me know SetPoint was unnecessary, though.
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I have SetPoint 3.0.107 running on 2003 with no issues, except for the obscenely large size.
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