need fitted cover for tv set
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Does anyone know where I can find a fitted cover for my tv set? Standard 20" RCA model....I find an eyesore in middle of living room and remember seeing a product locally in Vancouver BC on-line a while ago, but cannot find it now.
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Scroll down to "custom dust covers."
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Maybe look around on to see if anyone has made something cool like that, or even ask around to see if someone would sew you somehting cool to use.
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This would have rocked but it's recently out of production.
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Bamboo blinds can be inexpensive and attractive.
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When I needed a cover for one of my turntables, I went to a chain fabric store and bought some nice black fabric for $5US or so. I then made a rough sketch of the dimensions of the cover and took it and the fabric to a local tailor. She stitched it up for me for $15US.

Custom fit, custom look, and I was able to support a local craftsperson.

Come to think of it, I just might have her do the same thing for my huge eyesore TV, too. Thanks for the idea!
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