Airport security issues
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Airport security, transfer in London. Will I have problems?

I'll be traveling to Italy and merely transfering from United to Lufthansa in London. Will there be a change in carry on rules that could screw me when I transfer planes? Anyone have recent experience with situations like this?
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Where do you originate, and what airport are you transitiing through? The smaller airports like City are fine, however Heathrow and Gatwick are more restrictive.
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Make sure your hand baggage applies with both the FAA's and British regulations, and you'll be fine. I can't imagine why they wouldn't enforce the British regulations for the Lufthansa flight.
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Response by poster: I'm out of SF, going through Heathrow. I'm worried that what might be OK in SF won't be at Heathrow. Would they make me throw away my iPod?
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iPods aren't on the banned items list, so no.

(if it wasn't clear, the link in my post above is to the Heahrow banned items list)
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My wife and I flew through Gatwick on August 15, which was the first day that you were allowed to carry anything on. The lines were long (we got to the airport 4 hours in advance and barely made our flight), but otherwise, things were fine. Follow cillit bang's list (to the letter!) and you'll be just fine.

Also, make sure to pay careful attention to the bag size. They seemed pretty serious about it and the size is really quite small.
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Any updates here? cccorlew, what were your experiences? Has anyone else transferred planes through Heathrow in the last couple of weeks? Is the size restriction enforced when transferring planes?
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