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In Mac OS Tiger, is it possible to block the automatic resizing of windows used in Safari and Microsoft Word?

I'm trying out a new set up with a powerbook G4 1.25ghz OS 10.4.7 and an external monitor, using dual display mode. I've placed the monitor at just the right height so that I can put the laptop on my desk in front of the monitor, and have the images stacked vertically so that I can extend a word or safari window down so that it begins in the external monitor, and ends on my laptop screen.

It's fun to have a tall, extended screen. Here's my problem: In both Safari and Word there are certain times when I open up another tab in the browser, among other tasks. Immediately, the window that I have stretched to cover both screens automatically resizes itself, snapping back so that it is only on the external monitor.

Is there any way that I can prevent this from happening? It's driving me crazy and defeating the purpose of having multiple monitors.
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Not a perfect/direct answer, but you can resize Safari windows using a javascript. If you type the script as the Address of a bookmark and put it in your bookmarks bar, it will be assigned a keyboard shortcut (apple-1, apple-2, etc, from left to right). Then you can have a quick way to fix the problem at least in Safari--just bang on a keyboard shortcut and go about your business.

The bookmark I use is:


You can edit those numbers to your liking so the window goes exactly where you want it.
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Do you have "Always show tab bar" checked in the Tabs pane of the Safari preferences? Maybe if you checked it, Safari wouldn't resize the screen.
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Where is your dock? It sounds like the window is jumping out of the dock's way, and redrawing to one screen is the default for that operation. Try moving it to the left, and see if it helps.
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