seeking cheap Mexican wrestling masks/costumes
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I'm looking to purchase a few cheap Mexican professional wrestling masks in Chicago. And some capes!

I'm hoping to find an actual store that sells these sort of costumes on the cheap (perhaps a toy shop or a sporting goods store?), but if anyone knows of an online retailer that might be helpful as well. Thanks!
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Best answer: they seem to have a lot of options

try this google search which seemed to bring up a number of sites.
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Best answer: Highspots has the best online selection I've seen. There's a lucha libre (Mexican wrestling) show at the Congress Theatre this weekend (featuring the original La Parka, one of the greatest luchadors in the world) and there's always plenty of cheap masks for sale there.
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There are two shops on belmont and clark....Hollywood mirror and Ragstock. I havent been there for a while but last time I went they were both selling them.
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Awesome. Just ordered a Santo mask (and a Guayabera and coffee) from Corazon.
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Chicago Comics on Clark also sells them (including the fabulous Chicago Cubs lucha mask) but I can assure you that if "on the cheap" is important you'll want to be hitting up that Congress show (sometimes there's guys outside the show selling masks for even cheaper). We're talking $10-ish vs $60-ish.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! I'm definitely going to the Congress on Saturday!
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My El Santo mask arrived Friday, and it's lovely. Thanks, elsar!
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