Streaming Music without iTunes
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I have an Imac 233 G3 with 96MB of RAM, using OS 9.2.1.

This is a continuation from an older post, but new questions:
Itunes wont install with OS 9, but I cant upgrade to OSX.
I need a way to stream music from a PC *without* itunes.

I appreciate anyones advice.

Well, an Mp3 player for OS9 that will let me use a list of music could work in a pinch.
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Here's one way: use something like PCmacLAN to let you map windows drives in appletalk (it's essentially an appletalk network driver for PCs), then connect to the network share in os 9 and run music directly across the network using whatever mp3 player works in OS 9.

There's a sort of opposite version of apple network software called DAVE that gets windows networking on your mac, but I don't think it'll help your mac see your PC's files, as I think it works the other way around (but I could be wrong -- it might do the trick as well).
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You can load iTunes. You just need an older version. I'm not sure about streaming though. I think you'd need to present yourself as an internet radio station - maybe something like shoutcast.
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Or no, load the Slimp3 server on the PC. I bet even an older version of iTunes would see that, and you'll have more flexibility in terms of selecting songs for play.
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Response by poster: I will donate via paypal when i get a credit card.
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I've used edna in the past, but it seems Slimp3 does everything edna does and more. Still, you might want to take a look at it.
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Incidentally, you *could* upgrade to OS/X, its just that on that machine it won't be very quick. :)

There are other OS9 MP3 players - try MacAmp
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i used to always stream on itunes2 when I was still on OS9, so I'd second hitting version tracker for an older one.
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I agree - iTunes shouldn't be a problem on OS9. I had it installed on my Rev. "B" 233 iMac (with 384 megs of RAM, and overclocked up to 266). It worked fine.
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I don't think the version of iTunes that runs in OS 9 can see streams, since that uses Rendezvous.

Barring getting OS X (or Linux for that matter), a web-based streaming thingamig is another way around the problem.
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Space Coyote: I've never heard of Rendezvous having anything to do with audio streams. I have no problem playing audio streams in iTunes on OS 9; you just select "Open Stream" from the Advanced menu and paste in the URL.
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I've never heard of Rendezvous having anything to do with audio streams

Mars, if you had rendezvous (and OS X) you can see every other iTunes (PC and OS X) user's playlists and songs on your network. So if you have 2 or 3 or 10 machines, you can easily listen to anyone else's music (provided they open the files to sharing).
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I think Mars' point was that rendezvous is nice for automatic discovery of music, but older versions of iTunes are still perfectly capable of playing audio streams.

To say you need rendezvous for streaming is incorrect.
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But you do need something to _stream_, i.e., from teh windows box. And you can't (AFAIK) use iTuens for Windows like you can ifyou had a rendezvous-enabled version of iTunes on the Mac.
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