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Tokyo Ryokan - Looking for a nice family owned Ryokan for a stay in Tokyo. If you've had a good experience with one, please recommend.

I stayed in Ginza last time, so on this trip I'm looking for a more traditional expierence. I've searched around on the web and found a number of Ryokan, so I'm looking for personal recommendations and experiences.

Some things I'm looking for:

Family-owned, relaxed atmosphere
Relatively close to the JR Yamanote line
More traditional style, the better
5,000-6,000 yen or less would be nice
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Sakura near Asakusa. More business hotel than traditional ryokan, but the price is right.

It's not quite 'near' the Yamanote, but you won't find your price range close to it (in my experience).

Further into Shitamachi, the Taito Ryokan has a reputation for coddling foreigners, and it's even cheaper (but I've never stayed there).
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I second Asakusa. I stayed here right next to the Senso-ji temple and Kaminarimon-dori. Great area and it was easy to train around to most of the city. I knew no Japanese, they speak english well and have both Western and Japanese rooms and Western and Japanese breakfasts.
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Yeah I have stayed in the Asakusa ryokan, very nice. I also stayed in one in Gotanda. That one definitely had more of a "local pub" feel to it.
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