Empty bar, open early, with TV?
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New Yorkers: Please help me find a bar that will (a) be open at 2 on Saturday and noon on Sunday; (b) be willing to put swimming on the TV (that is, be pretty empty); (c) is near the J, F, or Q.

I don't have a TV and neither does anyone else I'm willing to subject to swimming, but the Pan Pacs will be on & I'd really like to see them. I would like to avoid the ESPN zone, even if it would show it. Thanks.
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Meh... Well at least now I know where ESPN zone is... Might want to try Mickey Mantle's... Can't see why they wouldn't put it on for ya at that time... What channel will it be on?
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Manhattan? Brooklyn?
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(They will be shown tape delayed on NBC)
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Either Manhattan or North Brooklyn.
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perhaps Boss Tweed's, off the F at Delancey? I believe they're open at those hours. the bartender on sundays is named Conor, and he's a great guy.

address for boss tweed's is 115 Essex, between Rivington and Delancey.
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