What websites are good for uploading photos from my cellphone to the Internet?
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What websites are good for uploading photos from my cellphone to the Internet?

I have a Treo 650 and would like suggestions on which site(s) is good for uploading photos so that others can view them.

I have a Flickr account but they don't support the Treo 650 (why? i dunno).

Something easy. Something fast. Something fun.

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I'm certain the Treo 650 supports email, so all you need to do it email the photos to an email address which you can configure in your flickr account options.

Flickr works a treat for moblogging.
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ahhhh. I overlooked the obvious.
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mobog is run by pud of fuckedcompany fame, if that's the sort of thing you're after.
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just to point out that savvas mobog link is NSFW, before, like me, you click on it at work.
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Uh, is the front page of mobog supposed to be just shy of 50% porn?
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you want moblog.
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Moblog claims that it'll let you send photos to a blog but I couldn't make it happen on my Treo 650. Emailing photos to Flickr, on the other hand, worked a treat. If you have a Flickr account, you'll find the email address you need to send them to here.
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Try radar.net.
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Textamerica is okay, but they may be charging for accounts now.
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Specifically, here are the pricing tiers at textamerica:

TA Freebee ($0.00)
Includes 1 moblog and up to 50 images and/or videos.

TA Basic $24.99 per year
Includes 3 moblogs and up to 450 photos and/or videos each.

TA Premium $99.99 per year
Includes 5 moblogs and up to 5000 photos and/or videos each.

So you can do it free if you don't post that many pictures.
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You can use Flickr. I know lots of people using the Treo 650 on Flickr.

If you're using VersaMail/Treo 650/Cingular you have to use Cingular's smtp server, or your attachments will be blocked by Cingular's proxy.

Under smtp server, put in:
No ssl, no authentication, runs on Port 25.
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Last I heard, Textamerica was deleting all free accounts as of this fall. Their customer service is nonexistent and they have an ugly history of deleting people's accounts (sometimes including years of photos) for dissing TA in their blogs, etc. I'd go for Flickr (or anybody else) instead.
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There was a whole flap over TextAmerica's plans, and IIRC, they've pulled back somewhat. Still, it left a lot of people bitter and there's a Flickr group devoted to TA refugees.

Flickr most definitely works with the Treo 650 and Treo 700p (via e-mail), as my Flickr account is basically all mobile phone photos posted while out and about. It ain't Ansel Adams, but I love the spontenaity of it all.

I try to hedge my bets against unexpected shutdowns of free moblogging services by using several at once. Every time I post a photo from my Treo, I copy it to Flickr, TextAmerica, Buzznet, and now Vox. Flickr is still my favorite, though.
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pzarquon, please tell me you're kidding.
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