How to record live spoken word to mp3 in OSX?
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Not to deplete the well, but... I have upgraded to OSX and everything is sunshine and roses save the lack of one application, something OSX native for recording live spoken word as an .mp3 or in a format which can be converted to .mp3 by importing to iTunes. Any suggestions?
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Audio Hijack
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If you find yourself in need of OS X software, you'll definitely want to search VersionTracker.

It sounds like what you need is Audio Recorder. If you need some editing features too, the aforementioned Audacity is also available for OS X.
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Try WireTap. I haven't used it in the way you describe, but it looks like it'll do what you need.
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"audio recorder" is freeware, unlike audio hijack. Cool! Now I can't wait to make some "this american life" cds.
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Oh, I misunderstood the original post. "Audio Hijack" is for converting streaming audio to mp3. Sorry about that.
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Audio Recorder it is. It's a fair equivalent to the great OS9 software that I had been using (Coaster 1.9) so long as I use a high sample rate and a secondary mic instead of the built-in. Can't ask for much more from freeware.

Thanks, all!
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